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               I LIKE BUILDING STUFF!

Most things I've built were to fill a specific purpose, don't get me wrong some were for fun too!

                                                 #Wood Fired Hot Tub

For the times when you've busted your ass all day and need to recover. Well I'm also to cheap to buy one LOL.

This was pretty much an experiment, so it's made just from spruce.
36 2"x 6" each board edge is cut 5° and a 3/4"x 1.5" deep dado 3" from the bottom to support the bottom boards. No glue the thought was the wood would swell to seal.

The Tub is sitting on the bottom boards so i could trace them

The first wood heater i made sat outside the tub. But that is a set up for failure as the lines can freeze when not running in the winter. This stove is made from just 1/8" plate steel as I'm not set up to weld Aluminum yet. None the less it has functioned well for some time now.

The mozzies were bad 

Relaxing AF

Ah Perfect!!!

So now that it has proven to be quite successful i will make a nice tub out of cedar and instead of pre-determined angles I'll use the router with these bits.

This way the tub can have an oval shape or whatever, should be pretty cool.

 When we hired an excavator to have our water line trenched in from the well to the shop it cost $2200 for a day's work and we had backed filled the trench our self's. I thought well that's crap for the future work on the property. So I figured I'd made one, There was a lot of decisions to be made as in full rotation or not, which to lean towards depth or height and capacity. Princess Auto has a small 120° sweep digger for $5G looking at that and thinking of trying to make one as versatile as possible. i decided on full rotation for the easy of dumping wherever factor. I tried to go mid way for depth/height so it worked to have a 16' reach with 7' depth. I used a hwy trailer axle on it's side cause it has a main shaft, bearings and a brake. It can drag it's self along as it has an axle in the rear or be towed with a spare axle saddled in the front for transport only. It has a 13hp engine with 8.5g/h hyd pump, sounds slim but i tell you it's a perfect match. I used all Princess Auto cylinders, motors and valves. I love Princess Auto!! I made two buckets one for a narrow trench and another wide. I have used it for digging, lifting it's been an extremely handy tool to have. Total cost was $2750.

Pressure reducing valve to the brake pot to lock while not rotating

Joy stick controls

Smiles all around
Helping with the house

Dam I love this machine!!

Play Time

Why? Because It will be FUN! 

I have always wanted a flamethrower, I'm sure everyone does cause they look like fun.
I had been saving fittings for some quite some time and the day came along to put it together. It uses regulated propane 40 psi to pressurize gasoline to the nozzle. Perfectly safe (trust me) I can't help but smile.

The finished product
Result= It's AWESOME!!
I know just how to deal with you lot.


As we have a few animals and are accumulating more fencing becomes necessary.
So to make that easier and to utilize the hydraulics of the Bobcat i built a post drive.
I started with a Princess Auto 2"bore  4' stroke double acting cylinder. It didn't need to be that long but it does make it more versatile combined with the height of the boom i could driver tall posts in. I plugged the top port and removed the piston and made a new one out of aluminum (which basically acts as a guide) so now it's a single acting cylinder. Controlled with a 2 way electric solenoid operated from the trigger switch in the Bobcat. Total cost was $450. 

The hydraulic pressure will only act upon the end of the rod, this part becomes a guide for the rod. When the pressure drops the rod will drop quickly

There is a full length of 6" x 1" flat bar for weight inside the channel



Powered Wheel Borrow

I had the back half of a walk behind snow blower as i used the front to make a snow blower for the Bobcat ( that's a another story). We have a lot of gravel to move inside the build so i thought this could be useful. It is kind of funny really. Its a 9hp unit with reverse of course.

The barrel is controlled by the lever. Funny Hey!


Our driveway is long and there are no trees along the north side for a wind/snow break.
I look them up and find them to be pricey, even to rent let alone the cost of the trees themselves.
You guessed i went to Princess Auto and bought 3 cylinders a valve bank . 


The first Tree

One down, a hundred to go
I moved trees from the forest on our property to the driveway.

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